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5 Myths About Weight Loss

5 Myths About Weight Loss:

Myth 1

Fasting makes you burn muscle. The human body evolved to survive periods of fasting. We store food energy as body fat and use this as fuel when food is not available. Muscle is preserved until body fat becomes so low that the body has no choice but to turn to muscle.

Myth 2

Drop your calories and exercise more is the only way to lose weight. This is crazy thinking. When we drop calories and still continue to count calories, but do not change how are body is using energy causes insulin levels to stay elevated. Eventually, the body will decrease your metabolism so that your burning less energy.

Myth 3

Ketosis is dangerous because keto acidosis is life threatening. This is only something to worry about if you have type 1 Diabetes. Keto acidosis is where the body produces ketones even though the blood sugar levels are very high. Due to lack of insulin in type 1 Disbetes the body produces lots of ketones. In normal non-diabetic situation ketones are high but are continually being burned by the brain for fuel.

Myth 4

Weight loss is all about discipline. It is easy if you just decide to watch your portions and exercise. We are all biochemically different. We are not a one size fits model. It is important to know what is going on biochemically in your body. How are your hormones?do you have adrenal issues? How is your thyroid function? It requires an educated nutritionist to help you to find your stumbling blocks for weight loss.

Myth 5

I should go fat free in order to lose weight. Fat is not the problem. In fact, we need good healthy fats for brain function and healthy skin and nails. Good fats are essential to consume for life. We have essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. All that must be consumed by diet. Guess what we do not have essential carbohydrates! Look it up.