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St. Mary’s University

University of Bridgeport University

Future Certified Clinical Nutritionist, IAACN

Health/Wellness Speaker

Contact: (210) 563-3779




Currently practicing in partnership with Balanced Health Healing Center in San Antonio, TX, Ana receives personal and physician referrals for nutrition and wellness counseling. Her observant and analytical dedication, caring and charismatic professionalism and functional medicine expertise are important foundation blocks to the quality of counseling she gives her clients.  Ana designs customized disease intervention and prevention, sports performance and weight management programs to educate clients about the lifestyle changes they can make to help them achieve their goals and maintain health and wellness.

Through her association with Balanced Health Healing Center a wide range of testing and innovative therapies can be applied to help pin point the root cause of her clients’ symptoms, chronic and autoimmune diseases or hormonal imbalances to more effectively develop treatment, intervention and prevention programs.

Ana obtained her master’s degree in science and nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and is currently finishing her Clinical Nutritionist credentials, which are regulated with high standards of academic eligibility, post-graduate studies in clinical nutrition, and continuing education and examinations.  She has spoken at community, colleges and universities and corporate events on topics of nutrition, health and wellness.

Ana is the WIT regional representative for San Antonio and surrounding areas. Whatever It Takes Wellness Consulting Firm provides Health and Wellness programs to corporate companies, small and large women and men’s groups, church and ministry groups FREE of charge.

Ana is an active member of the Mayors Fitness Council here in San Antonio. She is partnered with San Antonio Business on Health in efforts to make San Antonio’s workforce healthier. She is an active Zumba instructor for San Antonio’s Parks and Recreation’s Fitness in the Park program and currently instructs a FREE Zumba class for the program at San Pedro Park.  She has hosted many Zumbathon fund raising events for foundations and organizations such as the American Heart Association and has opened for press conferences promoting Mayor’s Fitness Council.

Ana strives to keep former Mayor Castro’s SA 20/20 vision alive and is passionate about making a difference in her client’s quality of life, making San Antonio a healthier city, promoting health and wellness in the workplace, and reducing overall health care  costs. Ana is available for speaking events upon request.

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