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Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to provide a signal that can be used by a person to receive feedback about brain activity. The EEG signal is fed into computer software first then the feedback, usually a movie or music, is returned to the person being trained.  This feedback loop can produce changes in brainwave activity. The process used to adjust brainwave activity is known as operant conditioning, which is a method where rewards for positive behavior increase learning capabilities.


ADD/ADHD  *  Addiction  *  Alzheimers  *  Anti-Aging/Aging Brain
Anxiety  *  Autism  *  Bipolar Disorder  *  Depression  *  Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain  *  Energy  *  Epilepsy  *  Fibromyalgia
Head Injuries  *  Short/Long Term Memory  *  Migraines
Obsessive Compulsive (OCD)  *  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  *  Sleep Disorders
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The concept is fairly simple. The computer monitors your brainwaves while you watch a movie or listen to music. When deviations from normal brainwave activity occur, the computer triggers an audio or visual cue that alerts the patient that they are outside normal ranges. These cues are received by the brain, which subconsciously adjusts itself back to a normal pattern to make the cue stop. With enough repetition of this process, the brain eventually learns to stay in the normal ranges on its own without the computer. With the brain functioning normally on its own, symptoms of irregular brain activity will decline.

It has been well documented that people who suffer neurological problems have abnormal brain waves in certain areas of the brain. For instance, case studies using QEEG “brain maps” have shown that people with Attention-Deficit-Disorder (ADD) have elevated delta brainwaves, while those who suffer from depression have elevated alpha brainwaves. Those with anxiety will have elevated Beta brainwaves, while those suffering from memory loss usually have decreased theta brainwaves.

Training the brain using neurofeedback can change these brainwaves over time, adjusting them into normal, healthy ranges. It can improve alertness, attention, emotional regulation, behavior, cognitive function, and mental flexibility. When the brain moves back into normal ranges, users will often see a reduction in symptoms.

The best part of neurofeedback is that results are often permanent, allowing a person to reduce or even eliminate medications altogether. Where medications only manage the symptoms, the goal of neurofeedback is to address the underlying cause and restore normal brainwave functions.

The Clear Mind system uses photic stimulation technology to increase the benefits of neurofeedback. Research has shown that stimulating the brain with pulsing lights during neurofeedback will result in more accurate detection of abnormal brainwave activities. Clear Mind Center is unique in offering this technology with its neurofeedback system.

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What is NeuroIntegration Training? 

NeuroIntegration Training is the same as neurofeedback, but with some enhancements. Our system uses Photic stimulation technology to improve the neurofeedback process. The glasses help stimulate the brain and trigger the system more accurately. This results in a better session and can increase results.

Neurointegration Training and neurofeedback address problems of improper brain regulation, and helps your brain to regulate itself properly over time. Self-regulation is a necessary part of proper brain function.

How is Neurointegration Training helpful?

Neurointegration training has one purpose: to change timing and activation patterns in the brain. It does not target any condition, but instead slowly guides your brain back to normal ranges, reconnecting the neural pathways that have been disconnected. The result is an improvement in brain regulation, which in turn impacts a variety of symptoms. 

Could you explain more about brainwaves?

Your brain produces four primary types of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Beta is primarily active during your awaken state, which is the majority of your day. Alpha has to do with your subconscious, and is dominant during relaxed states when your eyes are closed but you are not asleep. Theta is present briefly during the periods before you fall asleep and before you fully wake up. Delta is primarily active when you are asleep.

All of these brain waves are equally important to your health, and neurological disorders can be attributed to specific brain waves. For example, when you have brain irregularities caused by a head injury, your brain may have too much frontal theta or delta being produced when you are supposed to be awake and alert. By retraining these abnormal patterns in the affected areas, symptoms can be improved or eliminated.

How long does the training take?

We recommend 30 minutes sessions, administered one to two times a week. Some can benefit almost immediately while others may need a series of sessions to stabilize their brainwave activity. The number of total sessions depends on the type of problem, the age of the person, and many other factors. Depression will usually see results faster, while Autism can require significantly more time to see results.

How can I expect to feel after a session?

Depending on what frequency is being trained, clients generally report feeling more relaxed and focused after their sessions.

Will the training last, or is it temporary?

The type of neurofeedback training we offer here is permanent. Neurofeedback helps to improve functions such as concentration, short-term memory, speech, motor skills, sleep, energy level, and emotional balance.

Kay Spears * 210-764-2121 * * 

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