Healthy Holiday Cocktails, Reinvented

The holiday season is notorious for indulgence. Most of us get so wrapped up in maintaining enough willpower to keep from over-eating, that we forget about the calories we can accumulate by over-drinking. To keep you from stressing over one more thing this season, we’ve lightened some of your favorite holiday cocktails.  For a lot of us, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a seasonally inspired cocktail. Thing is, most of these drinks are heavy on fat and sugar — not good if you’re trying to stick to a healthy eating plan. Instead of sitting out on the holiday cheer, make one of these Ketogenic holiday cocktails.

4 Fat Burning Ketogenic Holiday Cocktails

1. Cucumber Gimlet — with HBH
Cucumber gimlet is 1 oz of Hendricks cucumber gin 1 oz of Ciroc plain vodka one teaspoon of Keto logic BHB and 2 oz of club soda. Serve with a squeeze of lime or fresh cucumber desk

2. Redbird Martini — with Ciroc Red Berry vodka and power Reds
Martini is 2 oz of Ciroc Red Berry vodka with one teaspoon of nu Medica power Reds strawberry kiwi flavor

3. The Loco Coco — with Ciroc coconut vodka, coconut water and lime)
Loco Coco is 1 and a half ounces of Ciroc coconut 1 oz of coconut water 1 oz of club soda and a squeeze of lime

4. Bloody Mary — with Ciroc plain vodka and matches fermented foods Bloody Mary mix
Bloody Mary is 2 oz of Ciroc plain vodka and 4 oz of Madge’s fermented foods spicy Bloody Mary mix