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I’m All In — Are You? (we’re talkin’ weight loss)

I always sigh when the weight loss ads start hitting the airwaves on New Year’s Eve and continue through January. I myself over-indulged a little during the holidays.

Losing weight was the #1 New Year’s resolution in 2012, and with the percentage of Americans who are obese at 36%, it is highly likely that weight loss will be on top of many people’s resolution lists again this year. Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Are you one of them? Are you committed to making your resolution a reality?

I’M ALL IN! I’m ready to help you solve your weight control puzzle and that includes making positive changes to your lifestyle. Weight loss is not “one size fits all.” Weight plans need to be individualized. If you know me, you’ve heard me say this a million times, “If there was a magic pill, everyone would have it.”

You need to know the level of exercise that’s appropriate for you, your nutrition needs, what obstacles need to be addressed so that you can even obtain your goals. It’s about healthy lifestyle habits and learning about food. Food is our friend — not our enemy.

A couple of things to consider before jumping into a program that looks easy and enticing:

1.  The number of the scale is “just a number.” Break down that number and you’ll find water, muscle and fat. Muscle does weigh more than body fat, so when you don’t eat enough “good foods” and you don’t watch your caloric intake, you will lose muscle and gain body fat.

2.  Many people start a weight loss program and when they do not lose, they quickly feel hopeless and throw in the towel. There may be reasons why you’re not losing. That’s why working with a nutritionist can help identify what’s blocking your weight loss, such as hormone imbalance and neurotransmitters. You may be lacking water or have a sluggish bowel. All these issues will not be addressed by a program that is designed for the general population.

ARE YOU ALL IN? If you are, the answer is simple. Don’t spend your money on fad diets. Choose a long-term solution designed just for you. It’s your best bet!

By Kay Spears, San Antonio Nutritionist