Lipossage AntiCellulite™ Massage

The Lipossage(TM) massage modality is a body contouring program which is a specific blend of cupping massage techniques including Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release. Lipossage(TM) is a non-invasive, natural health treatment that helps to cleanse the body of toxins and retained fluids.
Lipossage(TM) cleanses the body of stagnant, stalled lymphatic fluid (lymphedema) that can create the lumps and bulges we know as figure imbalance or cellulite. The deeper Lipossage(TM) strokes break up adhesions under the skin that can contribute to the dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite. Another benefit of Lipossage(TM) is that it tones the muscles, lifting and firming sagging tissue. Most clients also find that Lipossage enhances their energy and mental clarity as well.

Weight Loss for Life

Kay Spears created Weight Loss for Life, a 5 Week Program to Reset the Metabolism to help jump start weight loss. She is a Certified Clinical Nutrtionist, Author and Speaker on Functional Nutrition.

Weight Loss for Life Nutrition Plan

  • 5 Week Customized Nutrition includes Phase I and 2 plus Weekly Weigh-Ins and Measurements
  • 10 Sessions of Lipossage, wrap, 20 min infrared sauna and 10 minute vibration workout/ 10 Weeks of unlimited 20 minute infrared sauna sessions and unlimited 10 minute vibration workout sessions. 
  • One-on-One Meal Planning with Chef Andrew of Rossinis in Castle Hills and Red Bird Farmacy
  • All for $2499

The Kay Spears Detox Plan includes:

  • Detox Nutrition Plan
  • 10 lypossage sessions along with wrapping
  • Infrared sauna and vibration workout 
  • PLUS unlimited infrared sauna sessions and vibration workout
  • All for only $1500

  • Arms
  • Back & Abs
  • Thighs
Each One Hour Session includes:
Lipossage & wrapping (30 min), 20 minute sauna wrap, & 10 minute vibration workout.
Each One Hour Sessions entitles you to a week of  unlimited 20 minute infrared sauna sessions and 10 minute vibration workout sessions and Kay’s Detox Nutrition Plan.
One Session/One Week $199
Five Sessions/Five Weeks $750
Ten Sessions/Ten Weeks $1500

To book your appointment with Jacqi please call the
Kay Spears and Balanced Health Healing Center
at 210-764-2121