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September 28, 2013
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Low Glycemic Foods: Why should you care? Losing weight is the goal, but not everyone is successful at reaching that goal. Frustration sets in when you greatly reduce your calorie intake and the pounds don’t disappear. You’re still the same weight — still the same size — or you may lose weight and then gain it […]

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By Nutritionists Sarah Treat and Kay Spears It’s that time of year again when temptation is everywhere. You’ve worked hard all year to lose weight and stay in shape. Now you don’t want to gain the dreaded 5 to 10 pounds over the holiday season. But it’s so tempting. The Christmas goodies, holiday parties, and […]

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Certified Clinical Nutritionist with specialty areas that include: Weight Management • Diabetes • Heart Disease • Chronic Fatigue • Autoimmune Disorders • Anxiety • Depression • Family Health • Allergies • PMS Recovery • Hormone Restoration • Digestive Problems • Behavior Nutrition My practice centers on a Functional Medicine approach: This means that I work […]

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Learn the 7 Steps to a Healthy Body & Renewed Spirit, and be inspired by Kay’s personal story. Added Bonus: 4-week meal planner and delicious recipes! BUY NOW at our store, email or call 210-764-2121 VIDEO hear Kay talk about her book PODCAST KSAT radio, “Your Smile Matters”

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Published in NSIDE M.D., San Antonio Medical Journal Losing weight can be perplexing and frustrating. While some people struggle with weight gain throughout their lives, many individuals find they have trouble keeping the pounds off as the years go by. Even though they eat less than before, they still gain weight. There are healthy, smart […]