Obesity in America

A frank discussion of obesity in America… and in San Antonio.

The Role of Exercise

Why food and exercise are partners in a healthy lifestyle — especially for our children.

Weight Loss – Part I

Taking control of your health, Part I.

Weight Management – Part II

Take control of your health — analyzing the food pyramid.

Choosing the Right Supplement

With so many choices, Kay explains how to choose the right supplement for you.

Family Meal Planning

Meal planning is an essential step to helping your family achieve healthy eating habits.

Testimonials from Kay’s Clients

Three clients share their success stories.

Book: Balanced Living

Kay talks about the inspiration for her book titled Balanced Living: 7 Steps to a Healthy Body and Renewed Spirit.

Gut-Brain Connection, Part 1

The Gut-Brain Connection – the gut is our “2nd Brain”

The Gut-Brain Connection, Part 2

The Stress Effect

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