Solving health problems from the root cause

Kay Spears focuses on functional medicine – which means solving your health problems from the root cause as opposed to focusing on the symptoms involved.

Functional medicine is like a GPS system. It navigates illness through mechanisms rather than through diseases.

There are patterns and connections in our whole body system and the key is to understanding the system not the illness itself. We have to look at the whole system and see how it tells a person’s story to understand all the things going wrong within our biology.

Fix causes, not just symptoms

When there is a disturbance in the patterns they give rise to diseases. We have to think differently and fix the causes, not just symptoms.

We have to look at the underlying issues of why something is wrong as opposed to trying to fix what is wrong.

Our bodies are just responding to our environment, stressors and toxins that can change our gene expression to cause disease.

Nutrition and supplementation

Functional medicine gets the body built back up with nutrition and supplementation.

We also focus on detoxifying the daily toxins we are exposed to and balancing the immune system and gut rehabilitation.

By building up the body systems we can balance the body and bring it back to homeostasis and health.