Corporate Wellness

We have a unique and proprietary approach to corporate wellness and helping your employees address the crippling effects of chronic disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, overweight, obesity and stress that are reaching epidemic proportions in America today.

A gym membership is not a corporate wellness program! We offer customized programs to educate, encourage and empower employees to reach their desired level of wellness, not just for the short-term but for life.

Our most popular program is a series of four Lunch ‘n Learn presentations on these topics:

  • Healthy meal planning
  • How to choose the right supplement
  • Stress management
  • 7 Steps to a Healthy Body: Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation, Water, Sleep, Forgiveness, Attitude of Gratitude

Other topics can be substituted upon request.

Contact us today to get your company on the fast track to a healthy, productive, happy lifestyle.