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December 2015 Newsletter

December Newsletter from Kay Spears MS, CCN
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10 tips on how to conquer the Holiday Appetite! 
1. Don’t punish yourself-
Going for a walk after dinner to enjoy Christmas lights or taking a few laps around the mall as a fun way to burn calories. Make the family time active!
2. Pay attention- 
Chatting away with friends and family at parties is a good way to mindlessly stuff your face. Be diligent about paying attention to how your body feels and stop eating when you are full.
3. Don’t eat before you go- 
 Allow yourself to enjoy the season. You want to be hungry enough to enjoy your favorites. Pace your eating prior to the event so you’ll be hungry but not famished at mealtime.
4. Keep your distance- 
Move your conversation away from the food so you are less likely to eat just because it’s easily accessible and everybody else is doing it.
5. What’s really special?-
If you are going to indulge pick something that you truly only get to eat during the holidays. Treat the special food with the attention it deserves.
6. Be a food snob- 
Skip the store-bought snacks like prepackaged cookies and crackers. How much less would you eat if you only ate foods that tasted heavenly? Spend time appreciating the appearance and aroma of your food. By savoring each bite you will eat slower, eat less and enjoy it more.
7. “No thanks”-
Too many people overeat because they feel obligated for various reasons (you paid for it, somebody made it for you, it’s on your plate, etc.). A polite “No, thank you” always works.
8. Watch the emotions-
Make time to exercise to help ward off stress and the temptation to eat poorly. And make sure you take time to sleep- it’s important that you take care of yourself.
9. How do I want to feel?-
Before you cook, go to a party, open the fridge or whatever, you should be asking yourself, ‘How do I want to feel?’  “The choices you make will determine how you feel later.
10. A hunger budget- 
Think of this as an expense account for your appetite. “How much do you want to spend on appetizers or the entrée? Do you want to save some room for dessert?” Go through this process mentally to avoid eating too much food and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. Don’t blow your budget on foods you don’t enjoy (AKA that heavy fruitcake) or by consuming too much of things that taste great (sorry, egg nog).
Happy Holidays!

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