Digestive Problems

Our Gut Is Our Second Brain!

Kay’s specialty is the gut and brain. Our gut is our second brain!

Our GI tract has the same neurotransmitters that our brain has. In fact, Serotonin, which is our feel good hormone, is made in the gut.

85% of our immune system is also in our GI tract.

We have more bacteria in our gut than there are stars in the galaxy.

With 1.6 million Americans with inflammatory bowel disease it is important to understand the underlying cause.

As a Functional Nutritionist Kay does specific functional testing to determine what is causing these bowel diseases.

A specific test she uses is a DNA Stool Analysis that looks at the whole digestive terrain and can determine bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungus along with other markers like gallbladder function, inflammation and leaky gut. All of these markers are imperative in healing the gut.

In the end it is about having a healthy gut and being free of symptoms to not be a prisoner to your bathroom.

Kay has 25 years of experience in helping her clients return to a happy, healthy belly.

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