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Free Health Scan

The latest in health scanning technology is here!

Bioimpedence analysis is one of the most accurate methods of assessing the makeup of the body. 

Our new InBody scanner is the best of the best, with the most accurate body scanning technology that will tell you how much muscle, fat, and water you carry in each of your limbs.  Instead of giving you a basic value, the InBody scanner gives a general overview along with specific and detailed meaurements for where you carry both fat and muscle, hydration status, percentage of body fat, resting metabolic rate and recommendations for how much weight to lose and muscle to gain.  

Our certified nutritionists are uniquely qualified to go over your results and provide you with basic recommendations for how to move forward.   You will also have the opportunity to learn what services are available to help you meet your new goals!

For a limited time, we are offering these body scans for no charge!  We are so excited about this new technology and want everyone to be able to try it!  

To make an appointment for your health scan, give us a call at 210-764-2121.