Functional Nutrition

Solving health problems from the root cause

Kay Spears focuses on functional nutrition – which means solving your health problems from the root cause as opposed to focusing on the symptoms involved.

Functional nutrition is like a GPS system. It navigates illness through mechanisms rather than through diseases.

There are patterns and connections in our whole body system and the key is to understanding the system not the illness itself. We have to look at the whole system and see how it tells a person’s story to understand all the things going wrong within our biology.

Fix causes, not just symptoms

When there is a disturbance in the patterns they give rise to diseases. We have to think differently and fix the causes, not just symptoms.

We have to look at the underlying issues of why something is wrong as opposed to trying to fix what is wrong.

Our bodies are just responding to our environment, stressors and toxins that can change our gene expression to cause disease.

Nutrition and Supplementation

Functional nutrition gets the body built back up with nutrition and supplementation.

We also focus on detoxifying the daily toxins we are exposed to and balancing the immune system and gut rehabilitation.

By building up the body systems we can balance the body and bring it back to homeostasis and health.

Real Stories

Kay’s clients and their success with functional nutrition


“I am so thankful for a dear friend who encouraged me for months to go see Kay about my ongoing stomach issues.  After seeing 3 gastro doctors over the years and leaving my last one in tears as her protocol for my returning SIBO was  “…. If it comes back again we will just put you back on antibiotics …”  with no interest in getting to the source of the problem just wanted to treat my symptoms.  I knew this was not going to work and only making me worse. I made an appointment with Kay a year ago who looked over my past several years of blood work and ran some very comprehensive test different than my conventional doctors would run which pinpointed the problems that included a parasitic infection and lots of bacterial issues due much to having been on antibiotics.  She had a specific treatment for each of these areas of my gut that was compromised as well as cleansing my system and without any meds. I began the healing process and I felt better within a few weeks initially but continued to get better over the months.  As my issues were being healed she would tweek my protocol to specific areas that needed to still be addressed and my tests showed I was rebuilding my vitamin absorption and balancing my gut bacteria.  Kay helped me uncover the layers of issues with my digestive system one layer at a time and was very specific with her treatments.  She listens and looks for what is actually wrong rather than treating symptoms.  I am so grateful!”- Julie - December 2015

John K.

Hello my name is John K., I just wanted to tell my story on how great it has been for me and my wife seeing Kay Spears.  She has been such a blessing for us. In 2007 I started coughing up blood and went to a Doctor that is no longer in business.  Praise God!  He told me I had lung cancer, and then it was TB, lastly he told me he had no idea what I had.  This is after I had been given several antibiotics and had procedure done. I was then referred to a Respiratory Doctor.  His diagnosis was COPD I figure I could deal with this diagnosis.  It leads me getting Bronchitis and Ammonia at least 4 to 5 times a year in the hospital, which adds up to more antibiotics and steroids.  At this time my wife starting having severe migraines she was also given steroid and ibuprofen 800mg daily.  She started going to see Kay Spears (2014-current) and with a correct diet and vitamins she got better really quick.   My wife started to convince me to go see Kay Spears because I was given a new diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis because I have had the same bacterial infection that those patients usually get.  I decided to go to see Kay Spears in January 2015 she ran an extensive blood test.  She gave me some vitamins to help me detox my body and also gave me other vitamins that I take daily.  I have been seeing her for a year now.  We also have my son on some of the vitamins.  My wife, son and I have not needed to go to a doctor’s office at all.  We have not been sick at all not even the occasional allergies since we have been following her plan. Thank you Kay Spears for all you have done for our family.  May God continue to bless you and your practice abundantly.” – John K. December 2015

Heather P.

“Kay’s encouragement, knowledge and experience in nutrition, her compassionate care,  and her faith in God has been an amazing blessing to me in helping me work through my GI issues. I love her holistic approach! I am experiencing healing in body, mind, and spirit, and learning to live a more balanced life.” – Heather P. December 2015

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