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January 2016 Newsletter


January Newsletter & Upcoming Schedule of Events
Let’s talk about New Year GOALS-
Not Resolutions!
There is a difference between a goal and a resolution– a resolution is more of an intention or a firm decision to do something, but it lacks the action that is necessary to actually get there. By 3 months into the year and we haven’t met our resolve to do this or that we look at our New Year’s Resolution as a failure to ourselves. A goal is the object of your focus and attention. They help you remain determined and persistent and they increase your self confidence to obtaining said goal.
Goals will always help you perform at your fullest potential. A resolution, however, carries a negative connotation.
This year let’s set a goal to
change our language, energy, and disposition away from negativity and promote
positive thought and action by using the word goal instead of resolution.
Lets set some realistic goals that are positive and give us permission to have flexibility and growth into bigger and better goals- removing the option of failure and looking only toward success.
1. Start with the short term goal: When you want to lose weight, you will be more successful when you decide on a healthy 5 week weight loss goal as opposed to desiring dropping 60 pounds by the summer.
3. Write it down: Make it real. Look at the words
everyday. Put it on a piece of paper and tape it to your mirror. A Harvard study of alumni suggests that the three percent of alumni who wrote down their goals at graduation made more money combined 30 years later than the 97 percent who did not.
4. Make positive goals: Rather than saying what you don’t want to do, write what you do want. When you tell yourself you can’t do or have something.  You are probably going to end up having it because you feel deprived. For example say “I will follow a healthier lifestyle because I need my quality of life to improve!”
6. Life is about adapting to change: Having a goal is great, but like everything in life you may hit an obstacle or wall which causes you to readjust your plan to meet your goal. For example, you may get injured during training, and may have to readjust your goals to fit your new situation.
7. Ask for help: This person will hold you accountable for your goals and support you in the process. Think carefully about who you choose. It should be someone who can be honest with you when the going gets rough and will help get you back on track.
Spend some time reflecting on what you truly want. Use this opportunity to reflect on what you accomplished last year and let’s get started on making this year the best one yet by setting A GOAL not a resolution.
Cheers to amazing 2016!

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