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  • Summer Salads July 11, 2020
    Lot's of healthy salad recipes that are packed with nutrition, flavor and great for lunch or dinner.  Easy recipes that will be healthy for your whole family!
    Kay Spears
  • Decrease Stress and improve Brain Health June 30, 2020
    Nutritionist Kay Spears invited Stephanie Ecke, LPC, LCDC, Integrative Psychotherapist to talk about ways decrease stress and improve brain health.   Stephanie Ecke shared information about ways to deal with stress mentally and emotional. Kay Spears shared ways to improve overall health and brain health  during and after the COVID pandemic.
    Kay Spears
  • Immunity, Stress, Hormones and Nutrition June 4, 2020
    Learn why our current health care system is not working to help our immune system.  Learn about Stress, hormones and nutrition.  These topics discussed are the important pillars of health that are related and can be addressed to help us have the quality of life that we all deserve.
    Kay Spears
  • One Pot Meals and Sheet Pan Dinners April 28, 2020
    Nine easy delicious dinners with one pot or one pan
    Kay Spears
  • SHAKE IT UP April 22, 2020
    Discussing new and exciting ingredients to add to your shake mixes. Learn more about protein shakes best for you.
    Kay Spears
  • THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB April 20, 2020
    This episode talks about having the right cutlery, utensils, gadgets and machines to make your life easier cooking in your home kitchen.
    Kay Spears
  • Making Healthy Choices Dining Out April 18, 2020
    Chef Andrew and Nutritionist Kay Spears will educate you on making healthy choices at any dining out establishment.
    Kay Spears
    Setting yourself up for success with a healthy fridge and pantry
    Kay Spears
  • Navigating the Grocery Store April 8, 2020
    Creating a healthy balanced grocery store experience.
    Kay Spears
  • Building a Healthy Immune System April 7, 2020
    Why nutrition is important for a healthy immune system.
    Kay Spears