Spears InitiativeWe are excited to introduce: SPEARS INITIATIVE

Our mission is to serve and educate underprivileged families through no fee counseling, complimentary seminars and symposiums, free cooking classes/demonstrations and weekly podcasts and emails.

The Spears Initiative also provides family style meals and local produce baskets to underprivileged families.

Our goal is to make San Antonio the beacon of nutrition and balanced health for now and years to come by not only curing what ails you now, but also being proactive in preventing disease.

Together we are:

“Saving the world, one bite at a time”

Our first Wine Dinner that supports this cause happens in late March 2019.

All donations are accepted or you can come share an amazing evening and dinner hosted by Nutritious Meets Delicious. There will be more of these events in the future.

-Kay Spears and Chef Andrew