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“Thank you and Carolina for your guidance, support and encouragement in my 70 pound weight loss. The diet program has been phenomenal and I am more conscious what I eat and now am doing a 16 minute mile walking faster than before. I am feeling better and the new vitamin is working and I hope that I will be able to get off the diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety medicine soon…”

– Greg S.

Greg and his Uncle Bob before; Greg with his wife after. Congratulations!
Greg and his Uncle Bob before; Greg with his wife after. Congratulations!

“I just wanted to thank you again for sharing at the Trinity Program last weekend.  I bought your book for my wife but I have been reading it and I’m really enjoying it! Thank you for sharing your story, it is VERY inspirational and a true testimony of God’s faithfulness and it gives me hope that it’s never too late to find true balance in my life. I started today trying to apply things in my diet and hopefully can get rid of some of my bad habits. Keep up your awesome work!”

…Michael S.

My goal of weight loss is to “age” healthy. At the age of 51, I began to seek a common sense, scientific, and individualized approach to weight loss. I have tried a multitude of diets to include Weight Watchers, a program that I actually gained weight! In my search, I discovered Kay Spears’ NutraWise program. It is a program that met all of my requirements: common sense as the diet was based on the FDA’s food pyramid proportions, scientific in that included laboratory testing to determine the need for nutritional supplements and the use of bioelectrical impedance analysis, a body-fat measurement device, and lastly individualized as the program plan was developed just for my nutritional and caloric needs. Over the 8-week program, I lost 20 pounds but most importantly, my total cholesterol dropped to 187 which allowed me to come off a cholesterol lowering medication. As I lost weight, I had more energy to exercise. This approach is not just a diet but a lifestyle change! P.S. I weighed myself this AM and down to 198.8 lbs. Walked 10-mile hike today at Government Canyon State Park!

…Betty I.

Three and a half years ago my husband and I started trying to begin a family. The longer time went by the more concerned we grew that we might not be able to start a family on our own…It was then I took my health and nutrition to heart. I discovered an entire world I had never really took time to learn about. It intrigued me. I sought help from a nutritionist on the referral of my doctor and, man, has that ever been a blessing…I started working with Kay Spears and recognized how great I really felt after only three weeks of changing what I ate. At this point it was all about ME! I continued with the diet regiment that Kay provided for me and because I was so determined and so regimented it paid off. I am not saying it was an easy task the first few weeks, but, man, did it ever enlighten me on what the body really does and how it really responds to the goodness of healthy foods. I lost about 2 lbs. per week and a total of 15 lbs. in about 6 weeks. I am now pregnant and in the secondtrimester of my pregnancy. Baby and Mom are Happy and Healthy. Yes, I had a few bumps in the road to get to where I am today, but it goes to show you that if you want something bad enough, your tenacity and strength to achieve your goals will pay off in the end.

…Cami G.