Virtual Practice

Wherever you are, the Kay Spears’ team is available to you, even if you can’t come in to see us face-to-face. We consult with clients via phone, Skype and other any online means that are convenient for you. My virtual practice will work with you in order to obtain successful wellness outcomes from anywhere. All you need is access to the internet and it’s easy to get connected with us!

Our virtual and traditional practice use functional integrative nutrition to solve the root causes of chronic conditions. We promote optimal nutrition, health and wellness to create an approach catered specifically for you, that you can easily maintain for success. Our team of nutrition practitioners can develop an intervention and treatment protocol to promote wellness, symptom resolution and disease management utilizing food-as-medicine. If you’d like a private consultation with me or a member of my staff, who are all functional practitioners trained in my specific protocols, via phone, FaceTime, Skype, and/or web submit a patient profile and we will contact you with details and options to take advantage of my virtual practice.