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Lose Weight for Life!

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Resetting the Metabolism

Are you one of the many who has lost a few pounds, only to be frustrated when you gain them back only a short time later? Do you ask yourself why that happens and want to know how to change that cycle? One of the main reasons for the yo-yo syndrome is this fact: the brain actually controls a “set point” and inhibits your ability to move under this set point until your metabolism is RESET. This phase is very exciting because you will see your body change and you will feel better than you have in a long time.

Phase 1

Women typically lose 12-20 pounds during the first 5 weeks with the greatest loss in the first week; men will lose 15-25 pounds. Weight loss will be Body Fat, not muscle loss. Your body will enter Ketosis- which is a metabolic process where the cells burn fat for energy instead of carbs. You may experience detox symptoms such as being tired, having slight hunger or headaches within the first week. Program includes 2 life coaching sessions to help identify life style changes needed to enhance your ability to maintain your weight loss success.

Phase 2

weight loss for life w-o KSFood sensitivity testing is recommended- food is reintroduced to your meal plan based on the results of the testing or your known sensitivities. You will see your health coach 2x a month for 3 months to monitor your metabolism and keep weight off for the rest of your life. We will design a customized nutrition program specifically for you, because no body is the same. Foods that were removed from your diet will be reintroduced gradually and in the proper portion sizes.

Included in this program are healthy living tips, recipes, and information on supplements to increase your quality of life. Remember if a magic pill did exist to drop the extra pounds it wouldn’t solve the root of the problem and the weight will come back. That’s why this program works- change your body from the inside out!


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