Detox & Weight Loss

Weight loss clients have been a part of my practice for over 20 years. I am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters in Science and Nutrition.  I know what works and what doesn’t work for weightloss .

The Importance of Proper Detox

There is a mind-boggling amount of environmental toxins that impact your body each and every day. Our environment has become incredibly polluted over the last 50 years, brought on by industrial farming practices and general pollution of air, land and sea.When you pair this with stealth infections and compromised gut health, it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to your health.

Additionally, we are exposed to many more man-made chemicals (so-called xenobiotics ) today – present in medications, beauty products, cleaning supplies, residual pesticides in foods – seriously increasing nutrient requirements for proper detox!

You see, without consistent detoxification support, these toxins accumulate inside your body, ultimately triggering more serious disorders that affect hormone balance, digestion, joint health, and proper mental function.

Yet oftentimes, people dealing with these ailments will turn to medications to merely address symptoms – without addressing the true root cause of their chronic dis-ease and merely adding to their toxic load!

Detox During Weight Loss

Proper detoxification support is also key when undergoing any weight loss, because many fat-soluble toxins (stored in fatty tissues) get released and need to be dealt with.

Yet weight loss plans oftentimes don’t support the three phases of detox to allow your liver and other organs to metabolize and excrete xenobiotics – and that’s one of the reasons why many people don’t feel any better after a standard juicing plan. 

Plus, conventional weight-loss wisdom also doesn’t take your gut health, hormone balance, and sleep patterns into account to achieve optimal results.

Each person has unique health challenges and may be suffering from specific imbalances that might be blocking weight loss. Thus, there is no “one diet fits all” plan.

Finally, genetic factors also plays a role in how “healthy” some foods are for your body. This is why some dieting styles work well for people and not for others. Bio-individually has to be taken into account when using food as medicine!

Rejuvenate Your Life

In Phase 1, we reset your metabolism and establish a new set point. We get rid of the toxins that are inhibitors to weight loss and the ability to keep weight off.  Women lose anywhere from 12-20 lbs. of body fat during Phase 1, and men lose 15-25 lbs. of body fat.

In Phase 2, we help you keep the weight off for life. Anyone can lose weight if you really try, but too few keep those pounds off. Did you know it takes 90 days for the brain to realize it needs to create a new set point for your new weight? that’s why Phase 2 is pivotal and it’s when most people gain their weight back. To make sure you keep your weight off we will determine if you have any food sensitivities that can cause weight gain – as much as 3-5 lbs. overnight!

We design a customized lifestyle program for you where you will learn about proper exercise and receive continued life coaching for at least 90 days to keep working on behavior modifications.

We have seen amazing results like never before with clients and receive referrals from all over Fort Lauderdale from the city’s most respected functional nutritionists.  They’ve seen that this works for their clients and continue sending new ones!

At Kay Spears, we can give you the tools and the support you need.  Ultimately, you have to do the work, but I want my part to be the best that it can be.

To discover what options may be right for you, please feel free to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with a member of our team.

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