Create Healthy Habits at a Young Age

Getting children to eat the right food can be incredibly difficult. Whether it’s television advertisements, influences from family members or anything else, unhealthy food options are almost always promoted and offered. While your functional nutritionist in San Antonio will likely tell you there’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat, those treats shouldn’t be the basis of getting your child to eat fruits and vegetables. The earlier you create healthy habits, the easier it will be to get your children to think differently about the right food.

Why You Shouldn’t Push Food on Children

Bribing or trying to convince children why they should eat all of their food does very little good for their long-term way of thinking. An example parents and relatives often do is telling the child they can get their favorite dessert if they eat everything on their dinner plate. Or they may even say they won’t grow up to be big and tall if they don’t eat their food. While these actions have good intentions, it’s not helping the child think about food as they should. In fact, they could view food as more of a punishment if it’s constantly pushed on them.

Help Your Children Change Their Thoughts About Food

A functional medicine nutritionist can help children and families shift their thoughts about how to approach food. The ultimate goal is to have children understand what their body needs and how to make healthy decisions with food. Functional nutrition isn’t all about giving up the things kids enjoy eating. It is about understanding what makes the body feel better, satisfying hunger with healthy food and slowly changing the way you think about and approach food.

Healthy Habits Can Transform Entire Families

A nutritionist in San Antonio can help families develop a functional nutrition plan that works for them. Getting your children to eat healthily isn’t going to work if you don’t eat healthy yourself. Children observe everything you do, including the food you eat. So for a child to truly appreciate and understand what it means to eat healthily, it’s important for you to do so as well. When the entire family practices functional nutrition, it’s much easier to create long-term healthy habits.

Kay Spears wholeheartedly believes that functional nutrition is one of the biggest keys to good long-term health. It’s never too early or too late to change and establish good eating habits. Instilling healthy habits into your child’s way of thinking will help them appreciate healthy living since it will be the norm for them. This has a trickle-down effect and can help the adults in your household to develop healthy habits as well. Be sure to contact Kay for more information about functional nutrition and how you can incorporate it in your home.


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