Healthy Bones Make Healthy Men

There’s plenty of research about the benefits of children getting enough bone-building minerals. A balance of calcium, vitamin D3, K2, magnesium and a combination of other important minerals lead to strong bones and can prevent bone problems later in life. Grown men often won’t prioritize their bone health as much as they should. The misconception is since their bones aren’t growing anymore, their health won’t deteriorate. The truth is we always have to be focusing on bone health and a functional nutrition program can help you stay on track.

Avoiding Foods that are Acidic

Red meat, pork, alcohol, coffee and sugar are some of the foods that if consumed too much will cause the body to be acidic and allow minerals to be leached from the bones to buffer the bodies acidity. Work with a functional nutritionist to incorporated a healthy customized nutrition program along with the right form and amounts of minerals to get the nutrients necessary to build healthy bones.

Keeping Strong Bones

Sticking with your functional nutrition program can ensure you’re getting the right nutrients to maintain strong bones no matter how old you are. And of course, getting up and moving around frequently will keep your bones strong and prevent them from weakening as you get older. These small daily steps can serve a dual purpose of maintaining strong bones and good overall health.

Kay Spears believes any health problems should be solved from the root of the issue. This often means designing a functional nutrition program based around your needs to improve your overall health. Bone disease or weak bones in general can lead to other health problems, so proper mineral status are important on a daily basis. To learn more about how our program can help you maintain your bone health and overall health, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


About Kay Spears

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