Hydration with a Twist!

We all know that drinking plenty of water and fluids is beneficial for our health. It is recommended that women drink 11.5 cups of water and men drink 15,5 cups of water per day. But remember, 20% of those can usually come from foods. Although water is the easiest way to get your hydration on, it can get boring after a while.

Here are some ideas to spice up your beverage and incorporate more H2O into your day:


Give your water a hint of flavor. Infusing water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs can not only give your tastebuds a kick, but it can also provide extra vitamins and minerals to your beverage. Try it out! Here are some ideas:

– Strawberry, lemon & basil

– Cucumber & Mint

– Ginger, orange, & turmeric

– Watermelon & kiwi

– Blueberry, lemon & rosemary

Sparkling Water

Adding sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated and helps with replacing soda. Look for sugar-free sparkling waters that contain natural ingredients and/or sweeteners. Some clean brand suggestions are Zevia, Waterloo, La Croix, Topo Chico, Bubly, Pellegrino, Perrier, and Mountain Valley.

Liquid Sweetener-Flavor Enhancers

Sometimes we want a little more flavor, and that is okay! There are great zero-sugar substitutes out there that can replace lemonade, fruit punch, team, berries, and other flavors. One of our favorites is Stur (Stevia based) and Lakanto (Monk fruit-based).

Consume Food High in Water Content

About 20% of our daily water intake comes from our food. To make sure we stay hydrated, include foods rich in water. Foods like cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach, squash, and plant-based unsweetened milk are made up of 90% to 100% water. Foods like bananas, oranges, peaches, pineapple, carrots, broccoli, avocado, yogurt, and cottage cheese contain about 70 to 89% water. Making these foods a part of your daily eating habits can increase your daily hydration.



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