Separating Fact from Fiction About Resetting Your Metabolism

When people struggle with losing or maintaining their weight, it’s often blamed on a slow metabolism. On the other hand, when people never seem to gain weight no matter what they eat, the reason is because they have a fast metabolism. So the secret to losing weight should simply be to speed up your metabolism, right? There actually is some truth to this, but it doesn’t happen in the ways you may think. You need proper nutrition for weight loss to happen and the good news is your metabolism could speed up in the process. With all the information available online about how to reset your metabolism, we’ve separated the facts from fiction for you.

You Can’t Reset Your Metabolism in One Day

Resetting your metabolism essentially overnight can’t happen. You may see some changes during that short period of time, but it takes a slow and diligent effort to see significant changes. There are plenty of weight loss programs in San Antonio that claim to be able to reset your metabolism quickly. However, you could be creating other issues in the process.

Healthy Fats Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

Avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and various omega-3 foods are healthy fats that are beneficial for giving your metabolism a boost and are great sources of nutrition for weight loss in general. The great thing about these foods is they typically make you feel fuller quicker so you won’t overeat. Plus, they provide a substantial amount of energy to keep the body functioning as it should.

Nighttime Snacking Alone Won’t Impact Metabolism Much

Some weight loss programs in San Antonio will tell you to eliminate your nighttime snacking if you want to boost your metabolism. There is a little truth to this, but the type of food you eat is more important than the time of day or night you eat. Grabbing a healthy snack high in protein at night can keep your metabolism running throughout the night and be beneficial for you.

Your Metabolism Changes With Age

People who never seem to gain weight when they are younger are often surprised when they start putting on more pounds later in life. One reason for this is because their metabolism has slowed down as they’ve gotten older. So if they never change their eating habits, weight gain is possible. It’s easy to get back on track though with simple lifestyle changes like getting more sleep, making diet alterations and exercising more.

When you search for a “certified nutritionist near me” in San Antonio, Kay Spears will top the list. She knows there is a lot of information available to people online and through other resources, and one of her goals is to set the record straight and present the facts to her clients. Metabolism is a big topic of conversation for people, as it should be. It’s an important part of your overall health and following Kay’s nutrition plan can make your metabolism function properly. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any specific or general questions about your metabolism or other health topics.


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