Age is Just a Number, How to Stay Healthy After Your 50s

Who says you have to have aches and pains and declining health as you get older? There are plenty of people who feel better than they ever have before well into their 50’s and beyond. Those people always get asked what their secret is to being healthy and feeling so great, and most of the time the answer is simple. Managing your diet, being conscious of what you consume and being as active as possible are the basics of staying healthy no matter your age. And getting on the right track can happen quickly by incorporating a functional nutrition program. Here are some simple daily steps to take.

Consume The Right Vitamins

Making sure you have a variety of vegetables, lean meats, good fats and working with a functional nutritionist to ensure you are taking the right supplements will all help you stay healthy after your 50s.

Increase Fiber and Potassium Intake

Fiber is known for decreasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Whole grains, beans, peas, fruits and vegetables are all high in fiber and are an essential part of any functional nutrition plan. Work with a functional nutritionist to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of fiber in your diet.

Stay Active and Be Conscious of What You Eat

Working your muscles and bones regularly will also lead to better overall health as you get older. Weak muscles may start deteriorating and create a downward spiral in your health since you aren’t able to move as easily. Intense exercising isn’t necessary. Simply walking down the street for a few minutes every day will go a long way in maintaining the strength in your bones and muscles. Combine this regular activity with being conscious about the foods you consume and you’ll feel great no matter how old you are. Incorporating strength training to keep strong bones is very important as we age.

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About Kay Spears

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