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The importance of advanced lipoprotein testing

All clients should take this test, especially those with any of the following: Have a family history of, or have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes Are already taking cholesterol-lowering or diabetic medications Have elevated blood pressure Have been presented with risk of diabetes or heart disease by physician Have been diagnosed with Metabolic

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You’re invited! Wine tasting & book signing

Wine It’s not an ordinary wine tasting, either. This one feature’s all of the following: Health-focused All natural Additive free Keto friendly Chef Andrew will be joined by Jason Gourlas, PA-C and Scout & Cellar. Saturday, January 26 and Saturday, February 2 at 3 p.m. Vital Life Wellness Center Stone Oak 418 N Loop 1604

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Separating Fact from Fiction About Resetting Your Metabolism

When people struggle with losing or maintaining their weight, it’s often blamed on a slow metabolism. On the other hand, when people never seem to gain weight no matter what they eat, the reason is because they have a fast metabolism. So the secret to losing weight should simply be to speed up your metabolism,

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Healthy Bones Make Healthy Men

There’s plenty of research about the benefits of children getting enough bone-building minerals. A balance of calcium, vitamin D3, K2, magnesium and a combination of other important minerals lead to strong bones and can prevent bone problems later in life. Grown men often won’t prioritize their bone health as much as they should. The misconception

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How to Keep Weight Off During the Holidays

One of the toughest parts of any holiday is refraining from eating the wonderful food and drinking the tasty beverages that are always available. And this goes for any holiday you celebrate throughout the year. Some people stay away from functional nutrition programs during the holidays or proclaim they will start theirs afterward. But with

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